Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 11

Monday; March 14th, 2011

So, I'm totally back on track with CAS and just about everything else in my life. I've got a loose schedule going and it seems to be working out. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are for training with Acrophilia; Tuesday and Thursdays are dedicated rest days (during which I will be drawing pages for Project Duo (a web comic idea); Saturdays are whatever or filming; and Sunday will be another parkour/filming day. Project CAS gets worked on in whatever spare time I have and during school when I'm not doing anything; I tend to have tons of spare time on the weekends so lots of work will get done. It turns out that bringing my laptop to school everyday has been one of the greatest ideas of my known existence; I've gotten most of my recent CAS work done at school... But anyway...

If you guys have noticed, I have begun to update every few days with a "Quick Analysis", or review-style, post. I plan to get around 100 or so of these done throughout the year. I should also make note of the impending CAS reflection that I need to do during this week or the next. These are to up the post content and hopefully attract more viewers in the long run, but we will see. If you happen to stumble across this blog and like what you see, show it to some of your friends, I'm really trying to up traffic here, but I don't have the physical ability to vigorously advertise this blog. >>' Thank you!

Project CAS -- As for development, I've gotten about 60% of the underground city level design done and am going to begin prepping for another level design soon. I honestly don't like to program, so I am seriously procrastinating on actually working on the engine, but when all the art is more or less finished, I'll have no choice but to program it, so I might as well get that all out of the way as quickly as possible. I've designed the very first level of the game on paper, so I may go and make that as well, if I do finish it and program everything the way I want it, I'll upload a video in the near future. :D Oh, and sorry about the lack of pictures, I'll explain that in a second.

Acrophilia - Acrophilia has grown to 11 members and we have about 3 or 4 other people who seem interested in joining. If you are a traceur who lives in the Washington, DC area around Rockville and Germantown, leave a comment, or send me a message and we can set up a time when you can meet with Acrophilia and teach us some stuff... There ARE 11 of us and most of us know how to fight rather, so if you are like, a rapist, don't bother coming. On a brighter note, we began filming a new video this weekend with the theme: Recycling. It is a 3 part video that I hope will be rather fantastic in the end. We also have about 8 video ideas for a small series we are planning to film every Saturday. When we start that I will throw some posts up.

As for the lack of drawings and conceptual art for CAS, I've been preoccupied drawing the storyboards for Acrophilia's short film, Faction, starring yours truly, Ryan Huggins, and directed by myself and James Liu (a co-founder of Acrophilia (and our cameraman). Storyboards are a lot more time consuming to draw than I had been led to believe, but it's okay, I have about 4 weeks before we start filming that video and we have a lot of training and whatnot to do anyway. Hopefully our (nonexistent) budget will be okay by the time we have to buy assets and pay for props though. :P Oh, we actually got filmed for part of our school's IB Film class' documentary on us. It's not very flattering because today we were incredibly sore from yesterday's workout, but it'll be great if they come back for more...exciting clips of us doing what we do best (sitting and lingering).

But anyway, see you next week and expect greatness. Ryan Huggins~

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