Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dev - Update 2

Current status of the message system.

Alright then, welcome to the closest thing to a major development update I can include here for the next few weeks or so. That picture at the heading is what I've got of the message system so far. The message boxes can be scaled up or down to accommodate the particular type of text being displayed (with important text (not correctly dictated in the above picture) being displayed in larger boxes. What is left to be done is incorporate a system where choices can actually be made, because right now, it can only display relatively static information.

Other than this, something very important has been added into the game; a new method of creative combat that may or may not take the place of traditional combat. A simple overview of this system is that Lily, the player character has control over what is now will be 4 deployable items (currently 3 of these are mostly coded, but not animated). These items all are deployed in an identical matter but have 4 specific effects on the enemy and the environment. In using these items in specific ways and combinations, the player can do things like slightly manipulate the environment or push enemies right off the map into oblivion. There will be several methods of utilizing these items, and in conjunction with the regular base weapon (4 different weapons that act similarly), there are many possibilities for avoiding or completely annihilating enemies.

What hasn't been done yet is located in the following list.
  • Completed Start-Menu HUD
  • Shop-Menu HUD
  • Weather system (either dynamic or static)
  • Choices in the Message System
  • Animated levels (Animated background, foregrounds, water, grass, etc)
  • Animated anything really...(ART Stuff)
  • Variable Wall Scaling (where the type of terrain affects if/how you can grab onto it)
  • More or less Enemy AI is incomplete (stupid) <-- saving this for last
  • A system to control what dialogue/items are assigned to specific objects (Proving to be difficult)
  • And the most important facet... De-generative gameplay focus (will be completed when all enemy AI is done...TONS of balancing will be required. ugh) 
What HAS been completed
  • Movement/Basic Wall Scaling
  • Collision checking
  • Fall Damage and Stress Implementation
  • Player-based combat (minus 1 weapon and 1 of weapon-type items)
  • Cover System/Basic Stealth system
  • About half of the Start-Menu HUD
  • Title Screen HUD and system
  • Portion of the Message System
  • Moving platforms
  • VERY basic enemy AI (1 of about 20 :P)
  • Some other behind the scenes stuff :D


  1. AI is a pain. I know your pains completely. Maybe we can set up a skype voice chat sometime and I'll go over how to use Game Maker's path-finding functions. I'm not 100% competent with them myself, but I know enough to teach you how to get started and something working well. At least as far as getting them set up on patrol paths and following you when they see you.

  2. Oh, hey. A comment. xD I'll definitely take you up on that offer as soon as I begin to work on the enemy AI. Haha!