Monday, December 27, 2010

What is CAS? What is this?

At face value, CAS stands for Creativity, Action, Service and is one of the requirements for graduation of students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in High Schools around the world; however, in my opinion, CAS hours, and the CAS Project, also serve as an incredible means for innovation in a variety of fields. I believe that this project can be utilized by students to create something truly spectacular, rather than something put together simply to pass, and this blog is where I will take time to keep you updated on my hopefully unique view of this experience; the CAS experience.

My name is Ryan Huggins, otherwise known as Ninjuit on the game design scape. I am a student at Seneca Valley High School of Maryland and I am what you call a game designer. As a member of the IB Diploma Program, I am required to design and to complete a CAS Project, or a project that involves two or more of the fields that the name is an acronym for. This blog is the location of my first CAS Project adequately, though temporarily, named Project CAS. Project CAS is a small-scale video game project, more than likely developed in a programming language of some sort and sprinkled with a bit of humor here and there. The project will eventually be marketed and sold with all profits going to a charity that will be revealed later on in the development process.

My goals for this project currently are to portray how a video game can be both fun through gameplay and yet still be a portal to the more real and gritty aspects of the world and the people who inhabit it through story. Innovation, and the unity of gameplay and story, are major themes in indie game design and I hope to incorporate these traits into the development process of this project to create something fresh and rather original.

But saying and doing are two completely different things, so subscribe and follow me through this project as it develops into something hopefully magnificent. *This blog will be updated at least once a week with a major development dump (including screenshots of progress).

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