Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 1

Monday; January 3rd, 2011

Today marks the date of the first update for Project CAS...and so far not much has been done. I still need to decide on an engine to use or a language to code an engine in and the GDD has not been written yet. What has been done however is a bit of "in game" concept work to show what the game will likely look like when it's done.
The woman in pink will be known as Lily. She is the main character of Project CAS and her son, Aster, is the small boy to her left. To the right edge of the screen you will find Castiel, who is the male lead of the story. So far all that has been determined about the game is a fairly unique gameplay mechanic and method of progress and the general idea of the character designs.

Lily is the main character of Project CAS and is the single mother of one child, Aster. She works as a secretary for a small business firm that deals with managing flowers and other medicinal herbs for various pharmacies and doctors around the world. Lily lives and works from a small island that her boss and CEO of the company owns. Recently, she has been diagnosed with a very rare and incurable degenerative disease (of which a name has not been decided) and has been given several weeks to live before her organs cease function.

Aster is Lily's son and the sole love of her life. Aster is an aspiring comedian who looks up to his mother for motivation and has never met his father. He is generally carefree and initially unaware of his mother's condition. Aster is nine years old and attends private school on the island's coast.

Castiel is the male lead of Project CAS and has come to the island for undetermined reasons. He states that he is an angel sent from Heaven to help Lily find a cure so that she may raise her son to become an important figure in what he calls the "New Regime" of the world. Whether or not he is serious or metaphorical in this explanation of his purpose is questionable, but what is known about Castiel, is that he is adamant about helping her find her cure. This dedication means that Castiel will stop at little to help Lily achieve her (and ultimately his) goal.

The gameplay will focus on the strategic implementation of the little combat ability Lily has (and is rapidly losing). Progression will be reversed in that the PC (Player Character) will begin at the highest level and will slowly, as time goes on, become weaker as levels are lost. On the flip side of combat, there is exploration which is also a major component of gameplay and at the moment, will be handled normally as in a regular platformer. Project CAS will have a heavy emphasis on puzzles and skill of player control with a smaller combat emphasis.

Total Time --> 4 hours

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