Monday, June 13, 2011

Dev - Update 3

So, let's begin with what has gotten done in the last week and a half.

  • Completed Start-Menu HUD
  • Shop-Menu HUD
  • Weather system (either dynamic or static)
  • Choices in the Message System
  • Animated levels (Animated background, foregrounds, water, grass, etc)
  • Animated anything really...(ART Stuff)
  • Variable Wall Scaling (where the type of terrain affects if/how you can grab onto it)
  • More or less Enemy AI is incomplete (stupid) <-- saving this for last
  • A system to control what dialogue/items are assigned to specific objects (Proving to be difficult)
  • And the most important facet... De-generative gameplay focus (will be completed when all enemy AI is done...TONS of balancing will be required. ugh)
  • [NEW] Cutscene control engine D:
Yep. I've been doing tons and tons of work since I last updated. :| In all seriousness, Siifour Studios has been working pretty hard for the last couple of days. To attest for this, I will be linking to several things this week. In other news, I'm done with just about everything that needs to be done, except the stuff on that list, which, besides the newly added cutscene engine, aren't very important at this time.

Over the weekend, Nekomage (my composer and co-artist) and I have been doing a lot of art. CAS's art is going to be updated really soon now that the base engine has been laid out. It's been a productive two days and here are some pictures to prove it :D

This one is by Nekomage

This one is by me
There are two more currently at my deviantArt ( ) and about 20 more to come. I hope to get around 3 to 4 done every day or so after exams end. There's a lot more artistic stuff going on in the background, but you'll soon see the real update with the in-game graphics--which are beautiful. Sadly, I want to keep them on the down low for a few more weeks while we get everything done and looking nice. A possible teaser video is in the works.

Oh, and also--
Lily's body has been updated. :D 
An extremely loose and "revealing" teaser of the new graphics...if you can see her. She doesn't show up well against the old backgrounds. Anyway! Besides this stuff, not much has gone on. So, expect greatness. Ryan Huggins~

Time Spent --> Creative 12+ hours (Also, the time spent marker will be returning now)

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