Monday, January 2, 2012

City Across the Sky 2.0 - Week 1

Happy New Year,

This is a heads-up post. The main domain for City Across the Sky and Siifour Studios related works will be moving to in the coming weeks. All of the main posts for Project CAS will remain here however.

As for news, make note of the City Across the Sky 2.0 label. It's less of an upgrade and more of a size reduction since the hardships of IB life and trans-Atlantic collaboration have made it very difficult to make significant progress on CAS over the the last few months. The game has been reduced to about 4 major locations:

  1. Grasslands/Grass Ruins/Dark Forest
  2. ???? Secret Location
  3. Village/City/Factory
  4. Mountains/Cavernous Ruins
The project's gameplay will remain intact, but the overall size and pacing of the game will be significantly smaller and quicker. As our first game, Jack and I have decided that the size would prove too difficult for our busy lifestyles to maintain, so instead, we're going to focus on a smaller, more condensed experience. As for tile variation, each location, despite there only being 4 now, will have significant variation. The Grassland/Forest Biome will be the largest and have the least tile variation, but I hope to rectify the issue of repetition with changing backgrounds, music, sound effects, and also, a simple day/night system exclusive to that biome and the City biome. Weather is also poised to be implemented, but it's not necessary to the gameplay.
I will be returning to a weekly update schedule. And all progress will be documented in a fairly easy to understand manner. Hopefully, time permitting, I will release a trailer of the art and expressing a bit of the story within the next 2 weeks.

Expect greatness. Ryan Huggins~

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