Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dev - Update 4.9

Well, we are heavily into the development of CAS now; in fact, I've been spending almost the entirety of my days mapping the two islands of CAS out. Jack has been spending as much time as he can on making the tiles, so that I can continue mapping, but he goes on vacation on Monday. He will be gone for a little more than a week, during this time, I hope to finish mapping Lily's town (if I get the tiles :P) and finishing mapping the rest of the grasslands/forest locales.

This 4.9 update comes just to say that I'm still alive and working. In the 5.0 update (probably on Wednesday), I'll be releasing some screenshots and new story information. :D

EDIT - Decided to add two pieces of new concept art
This is one concept of the Mountains by Jack

This is a quick concept of night time by Jack.

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