Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dev - Update 5

Alright, so while this won't be the largest update I've ever made, it's still pretty substantial. I've been working hard on a lot of mapping (and I just started coding enemy AI again) and now I think I have enough content to warrant releasing three screenshots of the new tiles.

I'm really proud of the new tiles honestly! These are the grasslands!
The black NPCs are placeholder! This is a dark forest.
These are just two of 16 different environments that you can explore! [Grasslands]
So far, we have done about 3 of the 16 different areas, though, the Grasslands and Dark Forest are very large, whereas a few of the other areas are a little smaller by comparison. The game itself (I'm hoping) will be very short; you can complete the main story in what I'll estimate to be about 2 hours, though exploration will probably multiply that by several times...there's a lot more than meets the eye with Project CAS.

It should also be told that these are raw screenshots, directly from the game (as it is right now), though, I plan to add some effects to the maps, like weather effects and other...artistic additions to make the maps prettier and more dynamic. The first and third screenshot are from the same section of map (ie: there are no transitions between them, just more mapping beauty. That particular section is around 4000x1000 in size...and there are tons of areas that large already mapped! I personally think that the game is coming along greatly, these maps aren't even my favorite ones!!

Anyway, I'll guestimate the amount of time spent on the game (by ONLY me) at around 60 - 70 days (complete days (so about 1560 hours)) of time spent in development spanned across about 8 months. Most of the time was spent learning to code and making art though, I'd say a good 600 hours was spent coding/learning and about 400 hours so far making art and making the maps. Imagine if you add in how much time Jack spent making music and doing tiles/ probably brings the total up into 2200 hours of development. YES, games take a long time to make! Especially if you are a NEWBIE like me. But it's satisfying to no end seeing everything coming together. Expect greatness (and a completed game in about 4 to 5 months). Ryan Huggins~


  1. The art looks pretty good. It's definitely a step in the right direction.


  2. Thank you. Hopefully we will be able to animate a lot of it in the future, just to make it all look more "alive" in game.

  3. Things are looking good. Sadly I won't be around for a while, so I will miss the demo when it first comes out... unless you take a long time to get it out... like, when I get back. :D

  4. Hey, Antifarea. It's very likely the game won't be out until something like October - December. A holiday release! So you should be okay!

  5. Happened to find your link on I like what I'm seeing so far, The art scheme is unique and is pleasant to look at. I'd be happy to play test at some point and give some constructive feedback. I will defiantly keep my eye on this page for future updates!

  6. Thanks for following! I won't be making as many updates though. The game has reached the stage where most of the work is just mapping, cutscenes and balancing, so not too much to talk about. I'll be linking screenshots here and there and possibly writing some short articles about the design. Glad to know you like the art though! Hopefully the game will be enjoyable as well.

  7. I have to stop pretending it's not like 90% art game. xD. Minor combat elements don't even help. It's got a pretty deep story I think. :P Hopefully you guys will like it when it comes out in a few months.