Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dev - Update 6

Just a change in environment
So, I've been working with my Co-Artist (I'm pretty much the Co-Artist now actually), Jack Yeates to get the art done so I can focus on mapping and cutscenes. It didn't initially go too well (laziness and time off for vacation), but not we are hopefully back on track and looking at a private release demo by mid September (if you are on the private release list, expect a few bugs that I'm still working out). All in all though, development is going very, very smoothly. The game is looking great, running smooth at 30 FPS, with no major hiccups and the gameplay is remaining simple as I had hoped. The core of the game is its exploration and story, so the combat is very simple. Literal run and gun, with a few tricks thrown in here and there. Some of the AI patterns are pretty difficult to avoid, though, there are only about 3 or 4 variations of enemy AI spread through about 20 designed enemies. You can expect at least 1 boss and about 2 hours of gameplay if you rush through the plot, maybe more if you explore everywhere. 

I'm glad that this blog is finally getting a few views and people are actually commenting now that I've shown screenshots and progress. The game will ultimately be released on a pay-what-you-want basis, though to prevent people getting annoyed at credit card problems (like I tend to, being a teenager), it will essentially be donate if you want, or download if you don't want, to system. :P ALL PROCEEDS WILL EITHER GO TO JACK YEATES AS PAYMENT FOR HIS SERVICES OR TO A CHARITY FOR A DEGENERATIVE DISEASE THAT MOST RESEMBLES LILY'S. I'm quite honestly not interested in money with Project CAS. I hope that, despite the simplicity of the story, that the prose will raise awareness of degenerative diseases and essentially, the struggles that people, specifically (in the case of CAS) parents, with these diseases go through. Of course, the plot is exaggerated for effect, but I do believe that the premise will remain intact while the player plays. 

Trying to keep the good parts of the maps secret. :P There's MUCH more to explore than this.
Honestly, it's about time I stop pretending that the game isn't an art game. Project CAS is an art game, but less-so than many of the other art-games out there. CAS is an artistic game with a definite goal and direction. The story is focused, but there will be many, many secrets to be told for those who explore and continue to play games developed by myself and Jack, because ultimately, they will all tie together. 

I hope that you guys will enjoy and support our efforts with Project CAS and I'm really trying hard to craft something that people will like as my first game. Expect greatness. Ryan Huggins~

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