Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 8

Monday; February 21th, 2011

Today marks the 8th week of my game's development and the unofficial 2nd month of Project CAS. But let me cut straight to the chase; with the prototype of CAS almost 30% complete, I can honestly say that I'm working extremely slowly on this project due to the lack of a GDD (game design document) and so I've decided to put actual content development on hold for a short period (think about a month or less) while I completely write the document. A game design document is usually around 40 or so typed pages in length for one of my projects, so it does take quite a bit of work to write. I will be uploading the complete design document sometime after the full release of Project CAS (for proof of it existing). Currently, the document is about 8 written pages.

 But just to keep you appeased with something, let me show you some extremely early progress on a level concept: the underground of a city I've designed.
In other, more content driven news, during this brief period of nothingness, I will be updating the blog on a possibly daily to bi-daily basis with short reviews of indie games, TV series, and even small articles about *entertainment design. I also hope to include a few extracts from progress on the design of Project CAS. Anyway, I say *entertainment design because I am getting very interested in film-making and the design of screenplays. In addition to working on Project CAS here at I will also start informing you on the status of several small film projects my film/parkour group Acrophilia are working on.

Acrophilia is a group I unofficially started back in November with a few friends who, like myself, had an interest in free-running and parkour. Together, we started practicing every couple of days in a rather unorganized and disjointed way until starting this Wednesday, we start practicing officially under my own leadership. In addition to parkour, Acrophilia is a group of comedians and actors who make videos, currently for the morning announcements at my school, but soon on Youtube and other social film sites. Sometime during the week I will begin uploading our earlier projects to my CAS project Youtube account so that my viewers can watch them. Anyway, expect greatness. Ryan Huggins~

Time Spent --> Less than 1 hour

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